Saturday, July 11, 2009

its a nice feeling talking to ones siblings.i wish i could go to the us of a for a short time and be with my sister.there is so much i need to say to her.its been a while since i had a heart to heart with my sis.we both are growing old and i guess we need to cherish our time because one never knows what future has in store for any of things for we care a lot for each other.let god be kind to us.bye.

Friday, December 12, 2008

srk in town

its that time of year again -film release time.srk has become very picky of late and seems to be selective when it comes to making movies.tough luck for die hard fans of the badshah-and i most definitely am one of those.'rab de.... has all the hallmarks of a typical yashraj,a new girl,a great story,drama and of course SRK.waiting for the christmas hols to get a dekho at my hero.well till then,. na tu jane na hum.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

its official now.i no longer teach at cottons .i have moved on. presently i am a teacher at christ college.its been a month.what a month its people,new students,new locale, new work culture.i was sadly out of depth the first week. i am sure the people around sensed this discomfiture of mine .thankfully most were extremely helpful(having my husband as a colleague has been a saving point-from my angle not his i am sure).the students have been an immense source of inspiration and affection.a special mention has to be made of the second year post graduate students.they show a lot of promise.i enjoy interacting with them the the coming weeks a lot is expected to happen i hope to come a cropper.ciao.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

film fare.

saw two movies,'krazzy 4' and ' you me aur hum'.both the films were just average fact krazzy 4 was better than the other.kajol was sensatonal as usual but the story itself ,i thought was somewhat pretentious and wordy.i am still confused as to what ajay devgan wants to to convey through his film you ,me aur hum.i have read the original story 'love letters' on which ajay has based his film.the book has greater depth and the protagonist more character.but i guess we need to appreciate ajays guts.its not easy convincing an audience these days about love through wordy dialouges when the average attention span of most everyone is milli seconds.awaiting kareena's 'tashan'.hope to see many more films in the coming weeks.ciao.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

tinsel talk

i find time after nearly two months to voice my thoughts.a lot has happened the past few weeks-work wise and in the home front.had two months of much needed holiday.saw many movies.liked most of them(my husband says i have become less discerning a viewer).i might have to agree with him.with time i find myself less exacting and critical.i am more accommodating than i was in the past.earlier i expected nothing but a near perfect movie( if that's possible that is),more fool the bargain i lost out on countless movies.these days i am a willing acolyte of 'anything will do' club.yes i guess i am desperate.i see everything and then pass judgement(sometimes not even that--scared of cold turkey--withdrawl does have that effect).liked aja nachle,even though it was a no show at the BO.thought halla bol was trite.taare zameen par was excellent not a dry eye in the theater.looking forward to akbar jodha.lets see if the magic of dhoom two can be recreated by ash n's to movie magic.ciao.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tedium time.

its that time of year again-exams!a time for students to give it their best shot.i hope all my students do well.i am bothered about those who are capable but throw it all away without much thought.of late i get this feeling from my students that they don't give too much importance to academics.its the job that matters at the end of the day.i guess it does matter but academics matter too.believe you me,when least expected it comes in useful-the entire baggage-lessons,exams,marks.and don't be surprised if you were to miss it all.many students come back to say they miss the comforting routine that all these things represent.well do your best gals.ciao.

Friday, October 5, 2007

muddled mind

today had an interesting class with the final years.the topic was headline writing.when the class was first given the headline count they hardly comprehended but slowly acceptance came and they participated in it whole heartedly.there was hilarity and taunts seeing one another's blunders.a teacher always prefers a class that jells well together and humour is definitely a good bridge. i have a class with the jain college students on monday i am hoping that students out there show interest and acumen for the subject. i find a sense of lethargy in students maybe the system is getting to sincere plea to them wake up capture the moment lest it passes you.catch you all later.ta da.